Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Shepard Fairey Print

Shepard Fairey is releasing a new print on the 13th of someone very special to us Louisville folks. Muhammad Ali! Very cool image. It looks like Shepard is heading back towards a more rough style with his prints. It seemed like everything done around the time of the Obama poster was very clean and looked very digitally put together. This print has a mixture of both, the dripping background but still has the look of digitally separated cleanness. If I had $70 I would totally buy this print!

I feel like I kind of owe anybody out there who reads this thing an apology. I've kind of been out of it for the past few weeks in regards to keeping up with this blog. There hasn't been too much to report in my personal art life, and I haven't kept up with the art blogs much.

I pretty much moved back to Louisville from Nashville and went right back into working retail full time, and trying to recover financially from the 2 months of free work at the internship. I sold some comic books, my drums, cashed in some savings bonds, and worked about 40 hours a week since I've gotten back and I am still barely staying afloat with my bills. Student loans man, Student loans.

But in art news, I did go to the grand opening of Louisville's own local letterpress shop Hound Dog Press. Very new looking materials and they had a show of contemporary letterpress work which was very cool. They have a couple of small presses in the shop and I don't think they do too much other than invite sized work, but it is still exciting to think that the move to the new location could bring them the business they need to upgrade to a Vandercook proofing press.

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