Sunday, June 13, 2010

WARHOL @ The J.B. Speed Art Museum

Hey gang! Sorry to the 3 people who read this about not updating in a while, but I have been working lots of overtime, and my mom got married this weekend. I am also trying to find out how to sell all my stuff on eBay with varying results. But anyway, enough about me, let's talk about art!

Today my mom called me to inform me about a new exhibit opening here in Louisville, KY at the Speed Museum. It is Andy Warhol's "Myths". This collection is a portfolio of 10 prints about myths. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense, like the Dracula, or Santa Clause prints, other prints are socially deeper such as the "mammy" print.

Like I said there are 10 in all. Dracula, Santa, "The Shadow"(a warhol self-portrait), superman, mammy, Howdy-doody, the wicked witch of the west, Mickey Mouse, Uncle Sam, and "the star"(which I think is supposed to be Elizabeth Taylor). It may only be 10 prints, but I have driven to Indianapolis, Chicago, and Pittsburgh to see Warhol's work, so the chance to see it in my own town is pretty cool.

For more info check out

While were on the subject of Warhol in Louisville, did you know that the University of Louisville has a Warhol? It is from his "10 portraits of jews from the 20th century" series. It is a portrait of Louis Brandeis. Pretty cool, no?

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