Thursday, October 7, 2010

Craft Time!: Stickers to Magnets.

I have a pretty extensive sticker collection. The thing is though, that as a collector, I don't want to use these pretty printed things on just any old thing. So I have an album full of stickers that no one really ever sees. So the other day it hit me! Why not take these stickers I love to look at, and find a way to make them mobile, and reusable?

STEP 1. Go to an office supply store and buy a pack of magnetic paper. These business card sized magnetic sheets were on clearance at STAPLES so we will use them.
STEP 2. I removed the sticky paper on the magnetic paper and stuck them together in different directions to create a more sturdy and powerful backer for the sticker.

STEP 3. Remove the paper from the sticky tops of the magnets, and remove the paper from the sticker and stick them together making sure to smooth it out evenly and avoid air bubbles.
STEP 4. After the sticker is stuck to the magnet carefully cut around the original sticker design and slap it on the fridge, or your car.

If you are into the graffiti scene you could make sticker art, or small pieces that people could easily remove, or collect. Collectible street art.

Use magazine images or hand drawn images to create collages on the fridge or cars.

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