Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Misplaced Groceries

If you are like me, then you work retail. If you are also like me, then you eat food from a grocery. I mean, you might not be like me at all. You might be a robot, or maybe a vampire so you don't have to eat grocery bought food. You could eat a bucket of bolts, or the blood of a Twilight fan. Whatever. I'm getting off track here.

So there is this really cool printing company called Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis. They do screenprinted show posters and really cool art prints, but besides the really cool prints (that you should check out), they have also made a book called "Misplaced Groceries". This is a book of photographs taken inside of grocery stores where an object has been taken out of its "front and faced" environments and abandoned in another location.

Most of the products look as if they are trying to fit in with the other products. If anthropomorphism were to be applied to the products, the shelves could be seen as social situations, where some products seem to be scared, confused, pompous or proud. Some products seem to be judging the objects imposing on their turf. For example: the green dish soap sits with the Mountain Dew 6 packs but being the same color is not enough to be included in the pack, or even the same shelf as the 6 packs of soda. The dish soap is not Mountain Dew, or in a six pack, and the bottles have different tops, and different shapes.

For me, working in retail, and eating food from groceries (see we're getting back on track) I see this kind of stuff all the time! At work it makes me wonder "how can people be SO LAZY!?!?" but in the grocery store it's sort of funny.

"How did these Popsicles get next to the toilet paper?"

"Who dropped toothpaste in the milk section?"

My personal favorite probably is when there is just random meat left somewhere. Like when you see a pack of ham in the magazine rack, or a pound of ground beef on a shelf of cereal. Hilarious! I wonder if they try to resell it, or how long it sits there before it goes bad, or before someone finds it. Anyway check out the pics. Here is the address. Misplaced Groceries My favorite is probably the Diet Coke in the hair dye section.

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