Saturday, April 3, 2010

West Meets East, and Back Again

My normal day is waking up at 8, eating a blueberry bagel with nothing on it, drinking a Dr. Pepper, taking my vitamin, watching 30 Rock on DVD, making my lunch, and then riding my bike about 2.3 miles to Hatch Show Print.

At Hatch I do all the stuff that you have seen pictures of or read about. After that, I usually end up riding my bike to one to 3 places. The first is to Grimey's record store for a free concert. The second, is back to my house, the third is to the east side.

I live on the west side, but all the other interns live on the east, so instead of having 3 interns ride their backs to my side, I ride my bike to theirs. I don't really mind though. I believe that I ride around 10 miles a day this way, and as a result I am a much stronger rider. Usually when I go to the east side, I don't end up riding my bike back to the west side till around 11:30. Tonight, I got home around 1:45am. This gives me a nice peaceful quiet ride home(with the exception of Broadway, and Church Street bars.). It also gives me a nice view of the city at night from the top of the pedestrian bridge (almost) all alone. Here are a few quick pics of the city from the pedestrian bridge at around midnight, and Hatch Show Print's neon sign on Broadway around the same time.

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