Monday, January 11, 2010

"Brooklyn" by Nate Duvall

I would love to say that as a printmaker, I make at least one print a week, and do nothing but print all day every day, but I don't. I can't afford it and it's cold out and I don't have all the supplies to do it. I mean honestly I haven't made a print since my mono prints, and those were really just exercises in monoprinting and nothing serious. I need to put in more time and effort and experiment more with different layers and ideas.

I say this because whenever I see prints like Nate Duvall's "Brooklyn" I realize how far I have to go with my printmaking skill. When I look at this print I think about all the little windows, pipes, building facades, and fonts that all have to interlock like a puzzle when you do a screenprint.

One color next to the other, next to the other, all covered (sometimes) with an outlining color. The line work in this print is really shaken and imperfect, but the color work seems to line up perfectly with it all. I have tried to do work with fine lines and color patches and it is so difficult to master.

It seems that I have never been able to get one to line up just the way I imagined it. Its usually not bad, and I like the imperfections because it shows the presence of the human being in the production, but at the same time, I marvel at people who get their prints to come together in such a perfect way.

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