Friday, January 22, 2010

Images from the Late Night War II

Like many people I was with Conan "Coco" O' Brien. I just thought he was funnier than Leno. When I was younger I would watch Letterman, then switch over to Conan. Then as I got older, I switched my late night routine to watching the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. Then it would be time for Conan, but I haven't watched him or any of the ABC, NBC or CBS late night talk shows on a regular basis for years.

Letterman is still good, Conan is still good, and Jay gave it a nice shot at 10, but the overall outcome of everything is disappointing. I would rather have some Conan than no Conan, but what are you gonna do?

Over the years whenever controversy rears its ugly head graphic images have been there. It might be a protest sign, political image, or a poster for a social cause. In this case it is to show support for a celebrity who has been done wrong by the man.

Here is a link to a collection of Pro-Coco designs from Its interesting to see the way that these posters reflect other images or ideas from social/political causes past.

I have a theory about why Jay and Conan's shows didn't get the ratings. I feel like no one wants to watch a talk show at 10 when they watch them all night long. That is really the only thing I have to say about Jay's show. I didn't watch it myself.

As far as the Conan-not-pulling-ratings-thing, I would blame that on multiple factors. For one, Letterman is established. People know him, people like him, older people probably relate to him better. Adding to these factors is that Letterman recently had a sex scandal. People love sex scandals. I mean, when was the last time people who don't golf, cared about Tiger Woods? Same thing. People were all over Letterman because he was all over his interns. Conan starts his show but no one watches because Letterman is the big news.

The second factor in O' Brien's demise was that he was for the younger crowd. Though he was not really an "edgy" talk show host, he was a little more out there than his older late night counterparts. Like Letterman, the team of Stewart/Colbert are the established late night shows of the younger college crowd. In an age of political and social craziness(war and politics mostly), the same people who would watch Conan at 12:35, were now having to choose between satirical news coverage for an hour, or an hour of celebrities talking about movies, and a drastically reduced number of topical humor references. College aged kids love jokes, and they want to know what is going on in the world. Stewart/Colbert are both, Conan is maybe 1 1/2. If Conan was on Comedy Central after the Colbert Report, it would be two hours or power, and I probably wouldn't go to bed.

Anyway, just my point of view on the controversy. Its all over now, and I probably won't watch NBC at all for late night talk because I don't really like Leno, or Fallon. Check the link though.

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