Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello. Long Time no See!

I realize I haven't posted in a while, and for that, I apologize. Things have been busy! We have been making prints and seeing the sights. I would love to tell you all about everything, but I have to go to work soon.

Here's a quick breakdown without pictures. Please forgive me! I will try to make it up to you!

Went to the Road To Bonnaroo concert @ the Mercy Lounge (the bands all ended up getting crappy reviews in the NASHVILLE SCENE

Went to the Art Of Protest show at Vanderbilt University

Saw Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore perform and in store @ Grimey's record store

Saw a lecture by Stanley Hainsworth @ Lipscomb University

Had a drink @ the 12 South taproom and grill. Which had an entire wall of Hatch posters.

Friday I went directly from Hatch Show Print and back to Louisville. Celebrated Kara's Birthday

Saturday and Sunday I worked at my retail job and then tried to hang out with as many people as possible. I mostly succeeded. Sunday driving back home, I was pulled over for going 81 in a 70. Also I was sick all weekend.

Monday we went to Beyond the Edge to watch the Blazers beat Memphis, then to the 5 Spot for their monday dance party "Keep on Moving" People were dancing, I was listening to the music. 50's & 60's rock and soul.

As far as the internship itself goes, we got our first real clients! I was excited to find that mine was a band called The Low Anthem. I have never heard of them, but watch the video below, and get a feel for their sound. Sometimes it sounds real rough like this, which I love, but they also go to the other extreme with real nice quiet smooth vocal folk stuff. I believe they were described to me as being a "folk rock trio"

They loved my design, but the color scheme was the hard part to pin down. It started with red or brown and ended up being yellow or blue. Then I had to do a linoleum cut of a windmill which was a lot of fun! Yesterday I proofed everything, and it looks great. I mixed up a nice blue similar to the one seen on the cover in the video, and the text will be black. Don't worry. I'm taking pics of the entire process so I can show you guys after the client gets to see it and sell it first.

My next project is for an event called Experience Hendrix. Yeah, that's right, a Jimi Hendrix poster. I think I will be a little less traditional.

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