Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool Designs While Shopping at Target.

Remember awhile back when I was talking about the letterpress-like fonts used at Target to promote their "Great Save" event? No? Oh. Well, here's all the details. Target is trying to do a Sam's club type of sale, where they put a bunch of bulk junk in the back corner where the seasonal stuff is. Besides grocery items (I was tempted to buy the 50 packs of fruit snacks for $5), they have bulk picture frames, sweatshirts, and stuff like that. Anyway, I am not writing to tell you what they sell, I am writing to tell you how they sell it.

The image below is from their website, but in real life there are less clean graphics of people pushing shopping carts and more text. Actually I think it is nothing but text. I think it looks like it is trying to mimic letterpress printing. The text has gashes and places missing as if the ink didn't quite make it into all of the holes in the type, and in some cases, it gives the appearance of letter blocks whose fonts do not match.

Someone told me I have to try Heritage Dr. Pepper.

"You have to try it!" They said.

I am a Dr. Pepper fan, but I couldn't find it anywhere even though they said it was available everywhere. So eventually I found it and I tried it. They sell it at a lot of places, but I found it at Target in abundance. They had stacks of it, and an endcap, and some in the impulse buy coolers. It is a part of the "Throwback" line of High fructose corn syrup free, sugar instead soft drinks. It is a cool idea, and a cool can design. I do know the significance of the 10, 2, and 4 on the can, but I don't remember Dr. Pepper looking like this ever in my lifetime.

Here are the other drinks from the real sugar line. I don't remember Mountain Dew looking like this, and it kind of makes me wonder if they are supposed to be reminiscent of older package designs, or if it really didn't matter. I only wonder this because, the Pepsi design is pretty much what I remember Pepsi looking like for most of my childhood, so why would the other ones not be similar? To me, the Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper labels-while cool-give me the feeling of someone trying to be retro/throwback/vintage in their design instead of actually using something from that time period.

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