Monday, February 15, 2010

Eric Lawrence: Hatch Show Print-ern.

Today was our first day as Hatch Show Print interns! Since there are a lot of pics, I will try to keep it short. I could probably click away all day in there and not get half of the shop documented as it should be. This image for "The Show" wine, was being packed up ready to be shipped this morning. It's really interesting to be able to see things before anyone else does. Some people in the company probably haven't seen this image yet, but today I did. I held and touched the posters before the client even did.
I rode my bike to work today. I only live about a mile from Hatch. I was riding on the sidewalk because I am not a strong enough rider to take these hills, and about 2 blocks from the show I turn my wheel a little at the crosswalk and slid on a patch of ice. Down I went. A few blocks down a man standing outside said that he gave me a 2 for the fall. I told him I will try harder next time. My first adult bike injury! YEAH!
If there is one project in Hatch's archives that I would like to have a copy of or do a re-strike of, it would have to be some of the work done for the Kentucky State Fair. I remember seeing some of these posters when I was younger and loving them even though I had no education in printmaking at the time. As interns we get to keep a copy of any work we do, as well as get something like 10 prints from around the shop.
This is Maow. He is one of the famous "Hatch Cats". I thought he was dead or something because the last time I visited everyone kept talking about Huey, the other Hatch Cat, and about a dog they were rehabilitating. No one mentioned Maow.
The Hatch Show Print neon sign from the inside.
This is the pile of boards with works in progress. There are two piles kind of like it that us interns get to spend hours putting away. Everything must be deconstructed into its separate blocks and then put back into its corresponding drawer. There are a LOT of letters and images. For example: in addition to having cabinets for all the different fonts, and sizes of fonts, there is also a shelf for "Random" and a shelf for "Miscellaneous"...It doesn't get confusing at all.
There are a lot of little hidden secrets around the shop like these. One of the Vandercook presses has a picture of Wolf Blitzer on it. The fridge has drawings all over it, and a lot of drawings, and cut-outs are scattered all over the place.
Posters from previous jobs are all over the walls.
One of the Vandercook presses.
More posters. Below the posters are cabinets and shelves full of different type, and images of various sizes.
Hatch Magager Jim Sheraden uses old images and type to produce these monoprint works.
Texas intern David stands in front of shelves of type and images.

After work we went to the Flying Saucer and had some beers. If in Nashville I recommend the Yazoo Dos Perros. By this time it had gotten darker and colder. I am getting used to it, but I still can't wait for it to warm up.

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