Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Today I woke up freezing in my new home in Nashville, TN. For the most part I still felt the way I felt on my first day. I got dressed and made a list of supplies to get at Target. On the way I got lost and found a Kroger too. I stopped by Target 1st, and bought a lint roller, a pot to cook pasta, a strainer, another comforter to prevent freezing, 3 quarts of oil, some underwear, and a light bulb. I spent around $100.

Next I went to Kroger to take care of my food situation. I bought a ton of noodle dinners, a ton of Chef Boyardee(sp?) pastas, a ton of yogurt, granola juice, lunch sized Pringles, 3 frozen pizza's and plastic containers to keep leftovers in. I got back and watched 40 Year Old Virgin. At this point, it is near 2PM and I have yet to see my roommate.

Harry the intern texts me. We meet at my place trek a few blocks south through the Vanderbilt campus to a coffee shop called Fido's. It is a cool place, really big and busy. The hot chocolate I ordered had a wait time of 10-15 minutes. After that I tell him that there is a hookah bar over by my house. We wander around because I was unsure of where it was located. When we can't find it, we go back to my apt. where we discover that it was actually a block from my house and not the mile in the other direction that I originally thought. We smoke cola flavored hookah until both of us get sick, after that, Harry leaves because another intern, David, is meeting him at his place because he is crashing there until he finds housing.

I go home and watch a House marathon, and cook a Red Baron Pizza I bought today. Around 8PM I decide that I am going to go next door to the F.Y.E. and look through their $9.99 cd sale. As I am leaving I see my roommate for the first time today. He walks in as I am going out. I tell him I am heading next door, he says he is about to leave again.

When I first moved in I thought it might be weird to live with a stranger. I thought our personalities might clash, or I thought we would eventually become pretty good friends and maybe hang out sometimes. So far neither have happened because he is never home. This is okay with me too. Its like this is my own place, or at the very least, I don't have to worry about stepping on toes.

At the record store, I find Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's "Up From Below", Phoenix "United", Broken Social Scene "Feel Good Lost", and Dr. Katz Season 1.
It's nice to be able to get a good deal on all of these CD's and DVD's, but it sucks because there is no one here to enjoy them with me.

I sit down to watch more House and look to see if SNL is on. It looks like it isn't because of the Olympics. Harry calls right before I watch Burn Notice and says that he, and David are riding their bikes in the area. They stop by and we talk for a minute and get introduce everyone to everyone else. Then we go get food. The pizza and sub places next door are closed because it is now 11PM. So instead we head to Papa John's a block away and get a pizza to go.

Harry called Michaela(the only intern that noone has met yet) but she does not answer. She has spent the last 2 days on the road, and is staying with friends, so she is probably already asleep, or catching up with friends at this point.

They are looking for beer so we walk down to a liquor store by the cr-apple Market but it is closed. We go back and get the pizza and they eat, and then start their long bike ride back to the other side of the river. I get home and my roommate is not here, or else he is asleep already. I think I could get used to living alone, as long as I have friends that stop by every now and then.

Everyone I have met so far is really cool, and pretty laid back. Tomorrow I think that all four of us are supposed to hang out. I don't know what the plan is, but I think in the morning I might look into volunteering at the Frist art Museum. I think I should do this for two reasons:

1) If I don't have a social life, at least I have work.
2) I can get double the resume points in one trip. (Hatch intern/Frist Volunteer)
-Okay one more.-
3) Tennessee is the volunteer state.

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