Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Print Collection 3,4 & 5

Kelsey Iwanski
Pin-up 1, 2, & 3

Last year around this time was the Southern Graphics Council conference in Chicago. It was here that I acquired the three prints you see above. This was from the Columbia College campus I think. I don't remember what the name of the building is, but it is the same building that houses the Shop Columbia store. Inside the doors to one of the rooms on the first floor was a spinner rack. You would often see these racks inside of stores where you could display postcards, or it could be used as a way to display pamphlets. This was the latter. Inside this display rack were show flyers, and other information, but along side that were two pockets with a different pin-up print in each.

It was like finding a small printed sexy treasure. The prints have a D.I.Y. feel to them, and make me think more about the zine and concert poster culture than the gallery culture in art.

The third print we found was later in the same building. Up a few floors and after seeing some demos or visiting some gallery's-whichever may have been happening in this particular building at the time-we stumbled upon a table near the stairs with lots of other college information, and concert flyers scattered across it. In with the other printed ephemera was the third in the series of Pin-up prints. I am curious to know whether there were more in this series scattered around. I also can't help but wonder if there was some sort of artist statement attached somewhere along the lines or if this. Was this a part of a larger exhibition? Did it have anything to do with a Shepard Fairey-esque study of phenomenology?

As I mentioned before, the images seem to lend themselves more to a low-tech or counter-cultural printmaking aesthetic, and as such are probably nothing more than a way of spreading the joy of printmaking, and the joy of images with others.


  1. Hey,
    I came across your blog the other day and I noticed my piece of the pin up girls. I'm glad you found a nice surprise at SGC in Chicago. I actually made more for the SGC in Philadelphia. I can send you some of that collection if you would like them.

    Kelsey Iwanski

  2. That is so awesome! Thanks for reading! And thanks for the prints in Chi-town! I would love to have some of the prints from Philly. I wish I could have been there this year.